Installation Services

Construction Division of Lyan Sanat Puya Company was established to provide oil, gas, and petrochemical industries with Electrical and Instrumentation Construction Pre commissioning and Commissioning Services.

Mechanical activities were also added to our construction services at later stages.


Electrical & Instrumentation


Following electrical and instrumetation activities are usually performed by Lyan Sanat Puya construction teams in construction projects :

  • Calibration of instruments
  • Fabrication and installation of supports
  • Installation of cable ways (trays, ladders ducts and conduit pipes)
  • Installation of junction boxes
  • Installation of power and signal cables in cable ways or trenches and cable termination
  • Installation of local and main control panels and cubicles
  • Installation of filed instruments
  • Installation of lighting, fire alarm and protection systems
  • Installation of HV, LV, MV transformers and substation equipment and cubicles




Installation, pre commissioning and commissioning of mechanical equipment, rotary equipment, stationary equipment and piping works.